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I am penless and
so the parched parchment becomes
a crumpled mass on the floor
no words emit from me
I am as empty
as a Saharan desert flower
bloomless without rain

The words are gone
life has left a
world seen and frozen
in my mind
because I am penless
inkless and
a crumpled mass on the floor
forever more
because from me
the words are gone
and without them
I am dead

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Mind the Jungle

My mind is the jungle
lyrically lush
like the Congo after an afternoon
Fertile and untamed
lavish and abundant in the words
that I pen
caressingly on my paper
in hopes of impressing
you like the teasing of a
coming sneeze
pressing parts of me
on to you,
your mind remembering the sound
of each word I have uttered
into existence

My impression
presses me to speak phrases
as vividly as they live in my
mind’s jungle
wild thoughts elope with enslaved words
and consummate in a blissful
menagerie that reveals the savage
and essence of me
titillating impressions undress my mind
so the words can dance free
of restraint that held
a beast that wants to run wild and
naked and adorned in lyrical majesty
I am the storm that brings the rain
to the fruits of my phrases
as they grow and feed you
stimulating your cravings
til you become enthralled in the poetry,
a delicious and satisfying morsel.

In my mind’s jungle
I am the king where the wild things
I play with all of my prey
unable and unwilling to leave
lingering on the edge
of every word, every thought,
every ravenous imagining
as I feast on the moments
and devour the musings
impressed by the deliciousness of you.


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Flowing Like Milk and Honey

Words don’t escape me
I let them out silky
and smooth like warm honey
that erupts from my fingertips
and I take a lick
enjoying the thickness of my
as my eyes close in the pleasure
suckled from my

Words don’t escape me
I let them linger
and spin like fresh cream
that puddles on the page
and I dip my fingertips
in for a taste
eyes closed in the pleasure
that my words bring.

My words flow like
milk and honey
in a land of plenty and still
there is never enough
of the pleasures given
to the fingertips that dip
into my mind
and pen the words
I taste.

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In My Skin

There’s no place
I’d rather be than
In my skin.

It knows me like free verse
written in a forgotten language
heard in song
Lingering over the
Reasons and rhymes
Like Giovanni and poetry

It protects me like a warrior’s oath
spoken in honor’s ceremony
heard in battle
Encasing the amazing wonders
Like soft Adamantine armor

It reveals me spectacularly
felt in Archimedean spirals
heard in Fibonaccian phrases
Presenting the faults and fames
Like a Michelangelo sculpture.

From the toughness
Of my elbows and knees
To the softness
Of my breast and back,
My skin knows of
Of sunshine,
And of midnight kisses.

From the soft pink underside
Of my toes
To the dark mess of tangles
On my head,
My skin’s a multicolored
Canvas for art,
A palette of browns
And rose-tinted golds
And toffee pinks.

there’s no place
I’d rather be, than
In my own skin.

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Morning Glory

Sing me a dew drop
Springtime wisher
A song with notes that trill
Softly over
The morning,
Floating breeze
of dew-drop wishes
light as air
and I am adrift
unmoored in
the Morning,
Sun-kissed drops
Of rain dance on the
Newborn petals
Butterfly parodies
And caterpillar babies
Show praise for the
And I lift my eyes
and see the beauty
of uplifting
and surmounting
praise for
the Morning,
This is my day
a new day
seeing me for first time
me seeing for the first time
raised arms in prayer
soft grass blades
like soft arrows
under bare feet and
squishy toes leaving
footprints on the ground
all around me
the glory of God is
Saying “Good morning.”