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World on Shoulders, Rest

Overwhelming world,
is temporary
but still I feel
restless in the darkness
weighed down by my threadbare skin.
Wanting to be innocent,
stripping free of my burdens
laying them down by the river’s side.
Naked soul enters the pool.
Free me from my worries and fears.
Take me away
from this depraved world.
nothing’s there.
Weighed down with
this temporary hopelessness,
this numbing hopelessness,
I sink to the bottom.
The river’s jagged bed
seizes me,
too weak to fight it,
to stop it from becoming my bed.
Looking up from below,
Moonlight dances on the surface.
Wanting to become buoyant,
to break the surface.
A hand reaches below,
the wonderful radiance!
Lifting me,
cleansing the soiled skin.
grit from years of
worries washing away.
I am restored,
made anew,
improved by His Grace.
Wanting to bow in thanks
say a prayer, a blessing
But He smiles
and says, “Child, you are
loved by Me
Under His care, I rest.
Peacefully dreaming,
His warm embrace keeps me,
King of eternal peace,
protecting me long after
my fears become moonlight milk pale
wisps fading in
His glory.




Poetic moments in the words of a dreamer and other randomness in the words of a believer. "Hang yourself, poet, in your own words. Otherwise, you are dead." ~ Langston Hughes

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