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Excitement and interest
and then
the panic
Blinded by a feeling so overwhelming
that darkness becomes
a ten ton woolen blanket
blocking the light
if I let it
But I can’t
so I won’t
I begin to order the chaos
predictable patterns
shining light through a prism and
catching the rainbow
many prisms gather
my chaotic
as I stand in admiration
of beauty
violets of independence, multitasking in self-confidence
indigos of creativity, ebbing from my aura
blues of hallelujah, released in praise
greens of renewal, each day wanting to be better than before
yellows of knowledge, glutton in my love of learning
oranges of hunger, cravings to be fed
reds of frustration, throbing in my ears
But now that the light is beginning to fade
gathering all the colors
in different degrees of vanishing
I want to panic
dissolving the light calms me
beginning again in green
hunter camoflagued and concealed
and shades of blue
independence gained in peace
out of the soothing
until I see the light
and hang my prisms
and watch all my colors
fall into place.




Poetic moments in the words of a dreamer and other randomness in the words of a believer. "Hang yourself, poet, in your own words. Otherwise, you are dead." ~ Langston Hughes

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