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Apart from the Truth

all things apart from the truth
you can’t deny
that you wanted me
and that then was not the time
and never was there
a time
that you felt it more
than now

all things apart from the truth
you can’t deny
that you want me
and that even if now is not the time
never will there be
a time
that you feel it more
than now

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Jiggle (Change in my pocket)

The change in my pocket
hot against my leg
took a week to find
digging in couches,
and dirty laundry
and under the car seat
and in the console
in this August heat
fingertips first finding
chip crumbs
sand from last month’s visit to Panama City
old receipts
and dirty socks
but now
I have change in my pocket
hot against my leg
too hot to sit still so
play outside until sweat
becomes a second skin
then fall on the cool concrete
porch at Grandma’s house
because the big cousins
are sitting in from of the fan
trying to be cute
I am too hot to move
I hear that longed for tune playing in the distance
let them scramble and beg for
their change
between them all just a little to spare
I had change in my pocket
now jiggling in my hand
counting the coins while I wait
for two King Cones.


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The 25th Hour

Love’s finest in the twenty-fifth hour
And all of time stands still
When night and day become like one
The hearts of lovers reveal.

With endearing words spoken only on a whisper
And sweet embraces that capture the soul’s breath
True feelings of the heart are given flight
When uninhibitedly we give ourselves.

Love’s finest in the twenty-fifth hour
When dreamers meet face to face.
Time knows nothing of a better moment
Than that of the heart’s embrace.

These sweetest engagements are sacred
An unmoving moment divinely sublime
Their union is like the sun and horizon
Consummating the short lifetime.


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Death row’s
murdering madness
of retaliation and revenge
has yet saved the life
of another man
We are most
as we
play God
Christians wanting to
be forgiven all transgressions
to live eternally
but never forgiving
those who transgress against us…


The Things I Want To SAy

Sometimes I write
the things that I want to say are
so deadly,
that if I don’t have a
in my hand,
I might pick up a
Deep in my mind,
I know the
pen’s deadlier
but less bloodier
and no one truly
but the hurt is real and
I could not care
any less
about what you feel
when it
slices into you.
Call it what you like,
but I call it
lyrical death.

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Fallen Angel

Nothing to stop my descent
Soaked to the skin
Giving up everything Heaven’s denied
Wings torn on the wind.
Nothing to cushion the fall
Now I can’t fly home again
But I can’t let you stand alone
I’d smolder Hell to end the sting
The hurting that loss brings
I fight for what is true
I sacrifice my everlasting peace
Because without you
Forever is a desolate eternity
And I’m standing still against the storm.
Soaked to the skin
Wings crushed from my fall
There is no forever without you
No you without sacrifice
No harm shall come to be
I will shelter you
If it’s the last thing that I do.

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inDANGERed species

Hunted and killed
for spoils and sport
the jungle finds
no cause for death
when life is so abundant
that it festers
and rots a man’s
mind until
he kills
his kind.

Mounted and paraded
for exhibition and pageantry
the prey finds
no cause for celebration
when death is so abundant
that it festers
and rots a man’s
kind until
he loses
his mind.

We, the prey, live in DANGER
of dying in a jungle of
cross-binding beasts
selling cures of hate to the
few sick with tainted LOVE.

We, the beast, live in danger
of the end of time
as time fades without the need
of a rapture
because in the jungle of this beast
we all are