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Ingeniously a Woman: An Ode it IT

I am aware of my ability to do
as I please and as you do
please do not underestimate me
because submission
makes you
He may have lyrically spoken and declared that it was
your world
and thought logically that it needed a woman
or a girl,
but he never told you how sweet it sounded when
I whispered the design
into his mind
and he built me a fleet
and conquered a kingdom.
You departmentalize in me
what I conceptualize in you
not because you can’t see with your eyes what I feel with my heart
but because you can’t feel it as it enters you,
an essence of what it is meant to be-
the woman that you brazenly mock
when you imply that great weakness is
calling a man a pu… (you’re so impuissant)
and you teach your future scions to do the same.
You fail to acknowledge how IT,
is one of the strongest forces known to man.
Creating weakness and wreaking havoc
on even the most complex of minds.
Please don’t underestimate me!
Hell, I’ve made
Solomon indecisive,
Sampson a slave,
conquered Rome,
and risen many Trojans
to battle for just the though of what was conceptually inside of me
I’m a destination
and you’re a nomad,
always trying to come,
blinding seeking home.
Don’t underestimate me!
I squatted over valleys and birthed
all ancient civilizations!
Don’t underestimate me!
I stretched my legs into the sea and brought forth
all new civilizations!
Don’t underestimate me
I will indeed reach my arms into the sky and carry
every future civilization!
Oh, don’t underestimate me
and think of me as anything less than an obvious equal
because without me,
your spilled seeds can’t plant trees
that will shade Gaia for an eternity
and feed many from my bounty.
But more so than that,
Never underestimate how much
Need me.
value me.
protect me.
adore me.
respect me.
And remember me
Beautifully and fascinatingly made
an intelligent and powerful aide
I am a woman.



Poetic moments in the words of a dreamer and other randomness in the words of a believer. "Hang yourself, poet, in your own words. Otherwise, you are dead." ~ Langston Hughes

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